Toddler Classroom Supplies

Upon request, please replenish diapers, wipes and ointment. Notifications for replenishment of supplies will be sent out when your child’s stock is halfway depleted.

1 pack of diapers (as needed)(1 pack of pull-ups if potty training)
2 packs of wipes per month
2 changes of clothing (multiple pairs of bottoms if potty training)
2 sippy cups (sent home daily to be washed)
Preferred ointment and lotion
Baby wash (large bottle for daily baths or small bottle for baths as needed)
Tylenol or Motrin (only given with permission)
1 bottle of sunscreen (April –October)
1 oversized t-shirt or smock
1 medium sized book bag
1 9×12 pad of construction paper
1 box of jumbo crayons